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SonicWall Analytics Software (Syslog) for NSa 2700 Series (3 Years)

SonicWall Analytics Software (Syslog) for NSa 2700 Series (3 Years)



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SonicWall Analytics On-Premises (for syslog based reporting and analysis) is the latest version, replacing the older Analyzer Reporting Software. It uses the same syslog information sent by the firewall, and provides both on-demand, and scheduled reports.

Deployed as a virtual appliance on either ESXI or Hyper-V.

SonicWall Analytics transforms data into decisions and decisions into actions that solve security problems and prevent them from reoccurring.

SonicWall Analytics is a powerful traffic monitoring and analysis service. It provides an eagle-eye view into everything that is happening inside the network security environment. Its intelligence-driven analytic engine aggregates, normalizes and contextualizes security data, including network traffic and user activities flowing through the firewall and wireless access points. This gives administrators direct line of sight into the threat intelligence of their networks and users in near real time.

Armed with deeper insightful analytics, organizations have the intelligence and capacity to easily find and tackle security as well as operational issues quickly. SonicWall Analytics’ drill-down capabilities let security teams investigate, analyze and take evidence-based decisive defense and corrective actions against suspicious or risky user activities and behavior with greater visibility, accuracy and speed as they unfold in the discovery process. This allows security teams to focus their valuable time and effort on orchestrating rapid response and remediation actions to those security risks that matter instead of reacting to every event.

Moreover, weaving Analytics into the business process helps operationalize the analytics by automating realtime, actionable alerts; orchestrating security policies and controls in a proactive and automated fashion; and monitoring the results for security assurance.

Some Analytics options are available in either Syslog or Netflow/IPFIX. Please enquire for more details.