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NSa Secure Upgrade Plus

The SonicWall Secure Upgrade Plus program recognizes the investments that customers have previously made and helps them maintain optimal security by letting them easily and affordably upgrade or trade-in their existing security appliances.

Customers who purchase the minimum set of subscription services and support (now available in 2- and 3-year terms for maximum flexibility) can save up to 50% on the total annual cost of that solution (compared to the cost of buying the hardware separately with one year of services).

Model Summary
with 2 Years CGSS
with 3 Years CGSS
with 2 Years AGSS with 3 Years AGSS
NSa 2650 Secure Upgrade
NSa 3650 Secure Upgrade
n/a n/a 01-SSC-4079 01-SSC-4082
NSa 4650 Secure Upgrade n/a n/a 01-SSC-4098 01-SSC-4097
NSa 5650 Secure Upgrade n/a n/a 01-SSC-4345 01-SSC-4346

Trade in your legacy firewall, wireless access point, secure remote access or email security device for a current-generation SonicWall appliance at a significant discount. Take advantage of the Secure Upgrade Plus offer to receive preferred pricing and long-term savings on our state-of-the-art solutions.

Secure Upgrade - Further reading

Secure Upgrade - Datasheet

Eligible Product Replacement Products
TZ 100 Series, TZ 105 Series, TZ 200 Series, TZ 205 Series, TZ 210 Series, TZ 215 Series, TZ 150, TZ 150W, TZ 170, TZ 170W, TZ 170 SP, TZ 170 SPW, TZ 180, TZ 180W, TZ 190, TZ 190W, PRO 100, SOHO, SOHO2, SOHO3, SOHO TZW, SOHO Telecommuter, SonicWall DMZ, XPRS, XPRS2, SonicWall Plus, TELE, TELE2, TELE3, TELE3 SP
SOHO Series
SOHO 250 Series
TZ300 Series
TZ350 Series
TZ400 Series
TZ500 Series

NSA 240, NSA 220 Series, NSA 250M Series TZ500 Series
TZ600 Series
NSa 2650
NSA 2400 Series, NSA 3500, PRO 4060, PRO 4100, PRO-VX, PRO 300, PRO 330, PRO 3060, GX250 NSa 2650
NSa 3650
NSa 4650
NSA 4500, NSA 5000, NSA E5500 NSa 4650
NSa 5650
NSa 6650