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Analytics On-Premises

SonicWall On-Premises Analytics provides different ways view to everything that is happening inside a network environment protected by SonicWall firewalls.

Two reporting options are offered:

Syslog is a message logging standard, allowing almost any device to send data about status, events diagnostics and more. Syslog messages have a built-in severity level. Analytics takes the data, sorts and aggregates it and then displays it. Many different types of reports are available for Syslog-based reporting.

For IPFIX-based reporting, flow information is collected from the network devices and processed by Analytics. At its core is a powerful, intelligence-driven engine that automates the aggregation, normalization, correlation and contextualization of security data flowing across all SonicWall firewalls and wireless access points. The application’s interactive dashboard uses various forms of time-use charts and tables to create knowledge representation of the data models.