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Firewall as a Service Providers

by Paul Heritage

When looking at your options for improving your company’s cybersecurity, you might see firewall as a service mentioned as a popular solution that businesses are using today. With so many options on the market, we know finding the right firewall for your business based on your size and what type of business you run can be an overwhelming decision. Firewall as a service providers can support you in protecting your business for many years to come, so keep reading to discover what firewall-as-a-service is and whether it’s a good option for your business needs.

Firewall as a Service Providers

What is Firewall as a Service?

Firewall as a service providers offer you a security solution that’s cloud-based and will help to improve your IT infrastructure and security. It’s a next-generation firewall, similar to SonicWall firewalls, and will offer features such as advanced threat protection and web filtering. It can still offer many of the same benefits as a hardware firewall but offers you the chance to scale your protection as you need to and support your growing business. As the firewall is based in the cloud, you’ll be able to tailor it to your current needs and ensure your security concerns are overcome at all times.

How Does Firewall as a Service Work?

In the same way as a SonicWall business firewall will work to filter your network traffic to protect your business from threats, firewall as a service works to protect your company from both inside and outside cybersecurity threats. You’ll want to check the exact features that are offered with the firewall you purchase, but most modern firewalls will come with network monitoring, Internet Protocol security, packet filtering, and many other advanced features. They can identify malware and other threats before it is too late, and you put your business at huge risk.

Firewall as a service will be positioned between your business network and the internet. When traffic tries to get into your network, it will inspect the traffic to detect and then address any threats. It analyses information as it goes into the network, ensuring that it picks up on any malicious data and unusual behaviours before reaching your network. This advanced type of firewall also usually offers deep packet inspection, which can alert threat response teams of any data within the packet and ensure dangerous data doesn’t reach your system. As we now see more companies than ever working in a decentralised manner, moving to the cloud has become a natural choice for many business owners. You can protect your business network even when people are working remotely and ensure that you can continue with your everyday tasks without disruption thanks to FWaaS.

What Type of Companies Can Benefit from Firewall as a Service?

If you are looking to purchase a SonicWall firewall or another type of cybersecurity protection, you might be wondering if you could benefit from firewall as a service. There are many reasons that companies are opting to use this type of firewall. It allows customers to move their security inspection to a cloud-based operation, which gives you more freedom if you are expanding your business. Now that things have resettled after the global pandemic, you might be aiming to expand your business operations this year. If that’s the case, you might find this to be the perfect solution to offer you the firewall throughput you need.

Hardware firewalls sometimes need extra attention and maintenance. Many companies just don’t have the time or resources to look after and manage a firewall like this, which is why firewall as a service can be a very good option. The provider will be able to manage the settings of your firewall and save you time worrying about the settings of your security protection. The range of devices that can be used on your network will also increase with FWaaS, allowing your employees to work from home safely. We’ve been very impressed by the improvements and developments in this technology over recent years, working to support companies that still allow employees to work remotely. No matter the shape and size of your business, you need to protect your network to remain competitive year after year.

Are you looking to improve your cybersecurity and protect your business from threats this year? The number of risks to business owners has only continued to increase in recent years, which is why we encourage businesses of all shapes and sizes to invest in a firewall that will offer them adequate protection and support based on their unique needs. Firewall as a service is a great option for many companies, but we encourage you to review the options on our site to find the solution that’s best for you. Contact us today for more information about the firewalls we offer or take a look through our site to see our full product range.

SonicWall Legal Documentation

by Paul Heritage


Refer to the directory of links for access to our legal documents and notices that govern the use of this website, and the use of products and services offered by SonicWall. For your convenience, below are commonly used contact points.


Proxy Server Firewall

by Paul Heritage

We can’t hide away from it, the threat landscape that organisations now face is huge, and businesses can no longer take any chances with the data and sensitive information they hold on their internal networks falling into the wrong hands.

This is where firewalls come in.

Firewalls are a great piece of software that helps to provide a barrier between your network and computer. Filtering traffic and only allowing the good to pass through, blocking what it believes to be malicious or a threat.

By controlling the flow of traffic in such a way, the SonicWall firewall allows you to monitor and have confidence that your systems are protected from cyber-attacks.

A proxy firewall then takes this level of protection one step further.

Introduction to Proxy Server Firewall

What is a proxy firewall?

Decrypting and inspecting application traffic firewall proxy servers are an advanced firewall security system that goes above and beyond to protect your network. Monitoring network traffic and running protocols against every type of application it supports, every device within your organisation must establish a connection through the proxy server to create a new, secure network connection.

Also known as an application or gateway firewall, a proxy firewall works by securing the connection between your internal network and the public internet. For example, access to the internet is gained through the proxy gateway (firewall), where the gateway will evaluate all external requests against set and predetermined security rules. Based on this information, it will then decide to allow the request or block and contain the request.

To ensure complete security, the proxy firewall server will also have its own IP address and receive data packets through proxies. It provides a single point that allows your security or IT team to assess the threat level of application protocols.

Proxy firewalls will check:

  • Domain name system
  • FTP
  • HTTP
  • Internet control message protocol
  • Simple mail transfer protocol

Checking these across the application, transport, and network layer, proxy and firewall software are all designed to strengthen network security.

Proxy Firewall Server

The features of a proxy server include:

  • Can reduce bandwidth demands with caching.
  • Codes, filters, logs, and controls requests to secure networks and prevent unauthorised access.
  • Filters all information to secure the network.
  • Can integrate with other security solutions to offer enhanced security control.
  • Protects against cyberattacks attempting to infiltrate the network.
  • Helps to enforce security policies.
  • Inspects layer traffic.
  • Prevents unauthorised access to the network.

Benefits of a Firewall Proxy Server

Enhanced Security – due to validating users rather than just devices. Designed to prevent spoofing attacks and can also detect DDoS attacks.

Improved Reporting – you and your teams have the capabilities to examine the entire network and monitor data centrally. Providing you with vital security information.

Assess Threats – can proactively evaluate data packets that could negatively impact your network. As these types of firewalls use deep packet inspection, you can discover advanced threats, check network traffic validity, and put the right protocols in place to stop these attacks before they pose a risk to your business.

Control – you have a higher level of control with a Sonic firewall and firewall proxy server, as you can configure the network to users, assign groups, set permissions, and control what functions individuals can perform.

Provides a single point of access – allowing you to effectively detect threats and check network validity through centralised application activity and one single server.

Promote Policies – as well as ensure compliance, proxy firewalls can also help fine-tune network needs and policies.

Things to be aware of

Like with any new piece of software or security feature you look to integrate into your systems and network, it’s essential that you check that it is compatible.

This is extremely important for a proxy firewall, as running outdated servers will cause the proxy firewall server to run slowly, which, in turn, will negatively affect performance.

In addition, due to the new connections being added, you may experience bottlenecks in traffic flow, which again will slow down performance, creating a single point of failure. To counteract this, it’s vital to ensure that all software and systems are up-to-date and that all firewalls and security software are configured and encrypted, leaving no ports exposed.

As the firewall limits the applications a network can support, hence increasing security levels, it’s also essential to bear in mind that this can, at times, impact speed and functionality.

When choosing the best firewall solution, base your decision on what is right for your business. Think about the size of your company, the security software’s ability to scale with you, the resources you have available, and the level of protection required.

SonicWall firewall and firewall proxy servers are the most secure forms of firewall available; by filtering information at the application layer, you can have peace of mind that your network is protected 24/7.

To find out more, call us today at 0330 1340 230 or email your questions to enquiries@sonicwall-sales.com; we’d be happy to help.

Get the most out of SonicWall Support

by Paul Heritage

Jean-Pier Talbot has uploaded an excellent video explaining "How to work with [SonicWall[ tech support".

There is some really good information, and tips to get the best experience.

Firewall Throughput

by Paul Heritage

The digital world and cybersecurity industry have both continued to expand at a rapid pace in recent years. Firewall throughput is a term you may have heard mentioned when looking at your firewall options, but you may not fully understand what this term means and how it impacts you. Today we’re going to share our complete guide to firewall throughput to help you find the right firewall solution for your business needs in the future. SonicWall firewalls are an excellent option for small and medium-sized businesses looking to improve their cybersecurity this year, so take a look through our site for more information about how you can protect your business.

Firewall Throughput

What is Firewall Throughput?

Firewall throughput is a term that’s used to describe the volume of traffic that a firewall is able to handle. This is measured in megabits per second (mbps) or could also be reviewed in gigabits per second (gbps). It’s important to keep in mind that it’s not as simple as just measuring the throughput. There are many factors which will impact this figure, such as the type of traffic and the services that are being run on your firewall. Firewall throughput can help to improve your network cybersecurity and performance, preventing bottlenecks and other issues from forming.

A misconception we see often is that firewall throughput is the same as bandwidth. Bandwidth is the term used to describe the maximum data transfer rate within a network or an internet connection, but when we talk about firewall throughput, it’s referring to the traffic that your firewall can process. These two figures are related, but they don’t work exactly the same, and therefore you need to understand how they impact each other in order to ensure you are fully protecting your network.

How Do You Calculate Firewall Throughput?

As part of our firewall throughput explained guide, we want you to be able to understand how this figure is calculated. It’s typically calculated by looking at the number of bytes your firewall can process in a certain unit of time. This can be a very complex calculation to make, with application control and the number of sessions taking place at one time impacting the figure. Should malware be present, this will also impact the throughput firewall rate. You’ll find firewall throughput calculators which can help you to estimate the firewall’s capacity, but you’ll need to keep in mind that these figures will be estimated and won’t take into account the variables we’ve mentioned here. SonicWall firewalls will have varying firewall throughput rates based on the conditions they are working in, so every business will have different results.

What is NGFW Throughput?

As you start to look at the best SonicWall business firewall options for your needs, you might see the term NGFW throughput used. Next-generation firewalls offer you a new level of protection when compared to traditional SonicWall firewall options. They offer additional features that can improve your cybersecurity greatly, such as application control and automation. It’s important to note that these types of firewalls and their new features can improve the throughput. This is why you’ll often see this quoted as a different figure, as they have different results from regular firewall throughput.

What Businesses Need a Firewall?

All businesses today could benefit from a firewall to offer them projection when operating online. The firewall throughput that you require will vary based on your unique needs, but it’s important to ensure that any firewall you purchase has the features that you require to keep your business operating securely. Nearly all companies today work with computer systems and online to some extent, which puts you at risk all day, every day. A firewall is a small investment to make to protect your business operations and ensure that you remain in compliance with industry standards too.

On our site, you’ll find firewall options to fit every business. Our team will be happy to discuss more about the SonicWall firewall solutions we offer and share the benefits of each product. We can discuss the firewall throughput if this is something you are concerned about, to ensure that the performance level meets your expectations. We know that there are many terms used when looking at firewalls for the first time and this can be very overwhelming for some people. We’ll be here to break it down into simpler terms to ensure you find the right protection for your needs.

Are you looking to improve your cybersecurity this year? If so, take a look through our full range of firewalls and products designed to improve your network security. Our team will be here to answer any questions you have about the firewall throughput of the products on our site, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today to discuss this topic further with our team of experts.

600 Series AP's can now be firewall-managed on Gen 7 firewalls

by Paul Heritage

Now that the long awaited 7.1 firmware has been released for the Gen 7 firewall (TZ270/370/470/570/670 & NSa 2700/3700/4700/5700/6700) you can deploy the 600 series AP's - including the 621, 641 & 681.

What's New in SonicOS 7.1

Prior to 7.1, only the 200 & 400 series could be firewall-managed, and the 600 series has being cloud-managed only. 7.1 firmware now allows for any SonicWall AP to be firewall-managed.

There is an additional provisioning profile added to the firewall for SonicWaveAX which covers these latest AP's.

You can therefore run a mixture of AP's on a single firewall.

Xmas deliveries

by Paul Heritage

Happy Holidays to everyone!

The main warehouse will be shut between Christmas & New Year, so any hardware orders placed after 12 noon on Friday 22nd December will officially be sent out on Tuesday 2nd January 2024 (there are some exceptions to this, so please ask if urgent). Software and activation keys should be unaffected, although a smaller team than normal will be in so some delays expected.

Thanks, and best wishes for 2024.

7.1 (Gen 7) firmware now available

by Paul Heritage

The long awaited release of 7.1 firmware is finally here!

Compatibility and Installation Notes

  • Most popular browsers are supported, but Google Chrome is preferred for the real-time graphics display on the Dashboard.
  • A MySonicWall account is required.

What's New

  • UI Monitor and Page Enhancements
    To help create a better user experience, enhancements have been made to the user interface.
    • There is a new tab on the Dashboard > System page.
    • The new Security Services tab provides a summary of the licensing information and detailed licensing information on each of the Security Services.
  • Tooling Support Enhancements
    Several enhancements have been made to some diagnostics and reporting tools on the Tech Support Report page.
    • The layout was changed to add an Action section where you can download several different reports.
    • A tool tip was written for the Download System Logs button.
    • The System Logs file package includes event logs in CSV format.
  • SonicWave AX Support
    This version of SonicOS integrates SonicWave 600 Series Access Points with the firewall.
  • Network Access Control Support
    SonicOS provides APIs so that NAC vendors can pass security context to SonicOS firewalls. Using the security context SonicOS builds policies for mitigation actions, fetches dynamic user roles and other information from the NAC vendor to build information models and perform the traffic filtering. SonicOS can support multiple NAC servers from different vendors simultaneously.
  • Updates to NSv
    With NSV Bootstrapping and Token-based Registration, this version of SonicOS simplifies mass deployments of NSv in supported cloud platforms.
    NOTE: Upgrading to this version of NSv requires that you deploy a new NSv installation and import backup settings and certificates exported from your current installation. For more information, see https://www.sonicwall.com/support/knowledge-base/231208132612487.
  • Intrusion Protection Service Tuning Capabilities
    For firewalls operating in Policy Mode, you can now selectively enable and disable specific Intrusion Protection Service rules.
  • Gateway Antivirus and Anti-Spyware Threat Profile Support
    For firewalls operating in Policy Mode, Profile Objects support Gateway Antivirus and Anti-Spyware for Policy Enforcement
  • DNS Filtering
    Introduces a significant update aimed at enhancing the security and efficiency of your online experience, including:
    • Safeguarding Against Malicious Websites: Proactively blocking access to known malicious domains through DNS filtering mitigates the risk of malware infections and other cyberattacks.
    • Enhancing Bandwidth: By blocking access to unnecessary or undesirable websites, it reduces bandwidth consumption and optimizes internet speeds
    • Filtering Inappropriate Content: DNS filtering delivers an additional layer of protection by blocking access to websites hosting explicit content, violence, or objectionable material.
  • Content Filtering 5.0
    Introducing Content Filtering Engine 5.0 provides major enhancements:
    • Category Extension: Increases number and types of supported categories, resulting in improved categorization of websites.
    • Reputation-based blocking: Reputation-based URL blocking proactively identifies and blocks suspicious entities based on Reputation.
  • Active/Standby High Availability Support for SonicWall Capture Security Appliance
  • Automatic Update Firmware Support
    This feature simplifies the process of keeping your firewall up-to-date with the latest firmware versions, patches, and security updates. NOTE: This feature is not supported on NSsp 15700.
  • Ability to view Anti Spyware, Gateway Anti-Virus, and Intrusion Prevention Profile Objects
  • Ability to store Threat/System Monitor, Audit Log, and Packet Capture files on an external storage module
    NOTE: This feature is not supported on NSsp 15700.
  • Ability to enable Management tabs (HTTPS/PING/SSH) and Source (IP) on Interfaces.

More information: https://blog.sonicwall.com/en-us/2023/12/whats-new-in-sonicos-7-1-1/

Please note that you will need an active Support Subscription to download new firmware.

Find available renewals here.

Cloud Firewalls Best Practices

by Paul Heritage

Cloud firewalls offer an excellent security solution for many businesses and offer many benefits over traditional firewalls. That being said, there are some additional risks and concerns when it comes to using cloud firewalls, which is why you need to educate yourself on the best practices for these types of firewalls. Keep reading as we share our top cloud firewall best practices and things to keep in mind to avoid further issues when using this type of firewall. Learn more here about the firewall solutions we offer and to discover more about how you can improve your network security this year.

Cloud Firewalls best practices

Configure Your Firewall Properly

When you first choose a new SonicWall small business firewall, the most important thing to do is take the time to properly configure your new cloud firewall. As you are investing money into your security, you want to make sure you use it to the best of its ability to offer you the protection you need. Our team will be here to support you in understanding the security features SonicWall firewalls offer to business owners and to help you select the right firewall on cloud for your unique concerns and needs. When you configure your firewall to suit your business setup, you’ll find that you have all the security measures in place to ensure that you are protected from common cybersecurity risks.

With the advancements in technology over recent years, a cloud based firewall can now offer you more personalisation and protection than ever before. We notice that many business owners often rush to set up their firewall without asking for SonicWall firewall support. This might leave you open to risks with your firewall or could just stop you from benefitting from all the great technology and features on offer to you today. That’s why this is the most important best practice in this area before you go any further with using a new firewall.

Limit Management Access

A cloud firewall offers you a flexible solution which can also be ideal for companies where you have workers remotely working from home. However, one thing you need to avoid is offering access to too many administrators to control your cloud firewall and ensure your network remains secure. We encourage business owners to think very carefully about who is allowed access to your firewall settings, so you don’t end up putting yourself at more risk by opening your firewall controls up to the wrong people. Just choose one or two designated employees who can be trusted with this job and ensure they are fully trained in what they can and cannot adjust when it comes to your firewall settings.

Educate Your Employees About Your Firewall

If you are looking to upgrade or adjust your firewall usage in your business, you need to make sure you take the time to educate your team members who might be impacted by this firewall. As well as having a firewall in place, you should also share with your team on a regular basis the common threats and concerns associated with cybersecurity. You never know when an employee might innocently click on a link that could end up getting them into a huge amount of trouble in the long run. The more people you have looking out for suspicious activity and concerning behaviours online and within your network, the easier it will be to avoid falling victim to cyberattacks. With these threats always changing, make sure you keep your team updated about current trends.

Firewalls for Businesses of All Sizes

One of the reasons we recommend cloud firewalls to many business owners is that they are ideal for people working alone or running small businesses from home. The recent pandemic has changed the way in which many of us work, but it has also put more people than ever at risk of cyberattacks. While you might think your small business is unlikely to be a victim, that couldn’t be further from the truth. We notice that more and more small companies are being targeted today, which is why we encourage all small and medium-sized businesses to work with us to find a SonicWall firewall to fit their needs. These products are designed with smaller businesses in mind and will help to secure any type of business operations.

By keeping these cloud firewalls best practices in mind at all times, you can ensure that you avoid some of the common issues that businesses are experiencing today with network security. If you are looking to upgrade your current firewall, our team will be here to support you in discussing the new features on offer to you. Contact our team today with any questions you have about using cloud firewalls or browse through our selection of firewalls to find a solution that fits your needs.

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Firewall Management Best Practices Right Now

by Paul Heritage

As a business owner, security is something you need to put as a top priority in your everyday operations. One of the best ways to improve your network security is with SonicWall firewalls, which are designed for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Even when you invest in firewalls for businesses, you need to make sure you take the time to learn about firewall change management best practices and keep on top of current trends in the industry. Keep reading as we discover some of the current best practices and ways to keep your business secure this year.

Firewall Management Best Practices

Find the Right Firewall for Your Business

The first consideration when it comes to best practice firewall rules is to ensure you have the right protection in place for the type of business you operate. If you work alone, you may not need the same protection that an international company would consider necessary to protect their networks. One of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to SonicWall firewall support is that firewalls are only needed for larger companies. This isn’t the case at all and any business could benefit from additional network security. If you don’t have this security measure in place, make sure you reach out to our team today to discuss the best SonicWall small business firewall for your unique needs.

Work with a Team of Professionals

Once you’ve invested in a firewall, you want to make sure you set it up correctly in order to benefit from all the features it offers. A SonicWall firewall is designed with many state-of-the-art features and new technology to help protect any type of business. That being said, there’s no point investing in a high-quality firewall if you aren’t going to take the time to learn about how to use all of its features. Our team will be here to support you when installing the firewall and discuss any questions about the settings and features you should be using based on the concerns you have surrounding security in your business. As your business grows, we can also suggest adjustments you might want to make to your firewall management practices.

Keep on Top of Current Threats and Trends

While having a firewall in place is one of the best ways to protect your network, it’s also important that you continue to educate yourself about current threats in your industry or the world as a whole. Over the last few years, we’ve seen hackers become even more sneaky in their tactics, bringing a whole new set of risks to businesses around the world. You and your employees should always keep a watchful eye out for any malicious behaviour on your network or when working online. This can add an extra layer of protection alongside the firewall to make sure you are ready to protect your network should a security concern appear.

Discuss Security with Your Team

When you upgrade your security solutions, you also want to take your time to educate your employees about the firewall you are using and general information about security risks. Employees sometimes make silly errors and click on malicious links or open up documents and links that could infiltrate your network. Especially when you have new employees, share with them the importance of keeping their passwords safe and protecting themselves in an emergency. You never know when or where a hacker could try to enter your system, so by having more watchful eyes on your computer systems, you can work together to combat the risks that every business is concerned about today.

Upgrade Your Firewall When Needed

There comes a time when using any type of hardware or software that we must accept that the solution we are using at the current time is outdated and needs replacing. If you’ve been using an old firewall for some time now, then maybe it’s time to look at the new options from SonicWall and consider an upgrade. Outdated technology is unlikely to be offering you the full protection you need and may lead to issues in the future. Our team will be here to support you in discussing your current security solution and whether there is a better option for you based on the industry you work in and the protection you need.

By following these firewall management best practices, you can work to offer protecting your business no matter what type of company you run. Our team can support you in upgrading or installing a new firewall and will work with you to find a solution that’s right for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to discuss any questions on the topic we’ve shared here today or to start the process of finding the right firewall for you. Take a look through our range of products for more information about how to upgrade your current protection.

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Remote Firewall Management

by Paul Heritage

When it comes to firewall management, the options for managing this type of security solution have continued to progress over the years. When working and travelling, you might be wondering how to keep security as a top priority even if you aren’t based in your physical workplace at all times. The good news is that remote access firewall solutions are now more commonly offered and allow you to increase the control you have over your security setup. Today we’re going to discover more about remote management firewall options and how your SonicWall firewall can protect you no matter where in the world you are.

What is Remote Firewall Management

What is Remote Firewall Management?

Before we can go deeper into the topic of remote firewall management, you might be wondering what remote firewall management is and how this varies from more common management solutions for firewalls. Remote firewall management typically means that you have the option of managing your security setup from a different location. Instead of needing to be physically present to adjust the settings on your firewall, you have the option to do this from elsewhere. This is a great option for anyone who needs to remain in control of their firewall settings but doesn’t necessarily spend all of their time in their main office or work building. You’ll be able to make adjustments as and when you need to without needing to travel to a building that may be hundreds of miles away.

With more business owners than ever working from home, SonicWall firewall support has only continued to grow and adjust to the changing needs of businesses today. We know that many people still want to work remotely or don’t visit the office every day like they used to, which is why we are still seeing an increase in interest in remote firewall management. It offers a flexible solution which allows businesses to still put security as a top priority without having to review the way in which you are managing your business. It also allows business owners or administrators to take quicker action in emergency situations and ensure that their business is protected with a SonicWall small business firewall no matter what day of the week it is.

The Benefits of Remote Firewall Management

As you can probably imagine, there are many benefits of SonicWall firewalls being managed remotely, which is why so many people discuss this solution with us and are interested in learning more about remote firewall management. The top benefit of this type of management is the option to change settings more freely without being fixed to one location. Of course, this does have the potential to come with some risks, which is why you always need to be very careful about who has access to the system and ensure that you protect yourself from allowing anyone else to make adjustments to the settings.

If you are someone who manages multiple systems or buildings, it will allow you to keep an eye on what’s going on without being physically present. You might also have an administrator who works with you who can adjust settings based on current concerns and ensure that your business stays on top of their security needs at all times. All in all, it offers you the most flexibility when it comes to your network security. Our team will be able to support you when it comes to setting up your remote firewall management and help you to keep on top of your security needs.

SonicWall Firewalls for Businesses

SonicWall firewalls are the best solution for small and medium-sized businesses looking to improve their network security this year. If you’ve been wondering about remote firewall management, the most important thing to first consider is ensuring you are using a modern firewall that offers you the protection you need. There’s no point setting up remote management if your firewall doesn’t offer you the right features, and a SonicWall firewall will offer everything you need and more to keep your business safe and secure. No business is too small to consider upgrading their security, as small and medium businesses are often the victims of cyberattacks as they are seen as easy targets. That’s why we are so passionate about supporting business owners with this task.

Are you looking to improve your network security or start using remote firewall management this year? If so, get in touch with our team today. As you can see on our site, we have a full selection of firewalls on offer to suit businesses of all shapes and sizes. We’ll be here to support you in choosing the right option for your needs and in helping your business go from strength to strength this year. Contact us now with any questions you have or to upgrade your firewall and security solutions.

Best Enterprise-Scale Firewalls for Business

by Paul Heritage

As a business owner, there are many things you need to consider when it comes to buying an enterprise firewall. This is one of the best investments you’ll make for your business, but you want to take the time to ensure you find an option that’s right for your unique needs. Today we’re going to discover some of the best enterprise-scale firewalls for business, such as the SonicWall business firewall. We’ll also review the main features to look for when buying any firewall, so that you have all the protection you need.

2023 Best Firewalls for Small Business

What is an Enterprise Firewall?

Before we look at the features you need for the best enterprise firewall, it’s important to understand what we mean when we use this term. A firewall is a tool that’s designed to protect your network security and is a barrier that goes between your computer network and the internet. They work to monitor the incoming and outgoing traffic based on the rules you configure the firewall to follow when you first purchase it.

Enterprise networks are more complex than smaller companies or sole users, which is where enterprise firewalls come into play. They are designed with extra features and improved specifications that offer a higher level of security based on your more complex needs. That being said, even small businesses really need to think about using a SonicWall business firewall as there are just so many concerns and risks for business owners today. Our team will be here to support you in finding the right solution based on the size of your business and the most common concerns you have.

What Size Business are Firewall Enterprise Models Designed For?

One of the most common issues we notice with companies buying firewalls is that small business owners often think they don’t need to invest in the best SonicWall small business firewall on offer as they are a smaller company. While your business operations may be less complex, the risk of attack is still just as high nowadays as it is for larger businesses. In fact, cyberattacks are now increasingly commonplace within small businesses, as they often don’t have the right security measures in place, making it easier for hackers to target them. As many small businesses have limited finances and resources to play with, you’ll also find that they are easier to attack as the hackers know you will be less likely to retaliate or stop the attack from taking place.

Enterprise Firewall Security Features

The first thing to consider when it comes to buying an enterprise firewall is the level of protection you’ll be offered. No matter the size and type of company you operate, this is something that every business owner needs to look at. There’s no point buying a SonicWall firewall if it doesn’t offer you the protection you are looking for. Many of the older firewalls on the market don’t offer the modern technology and improved features that help to protect you from current concerns. Legacy models often lack traffic decryption features, which allow the firewall to detect malicious code that may be hidden within encrypted traffic.

We recommend trying to buy the best firewall that you can for the budget you are working with. This is a long-term investment for your business, so it’s worth spending a little extra to get a few more features and much better protection. Technology today continues to advance year after year, so if you haven’t upgraded your firewall in a few years, it may be time to look at the options that are on the market today.

SonicWall Firewalls

When it comes to choosing the best enterprise firewall, we highly recommend that you have a look at the range of SonicWall firewalls on offer today. On our site, you’ll find the latest models and options from the company, which use advanced technology to ensure every business owner has the protection they need from the common threats out there today. Our team can recommend the best model based on your company size and daily operations. SonicWall's firewalls are ideal for businesses of all sizes, ranging from sole entrepreneurs up to large companies with hundreds of employees and devices on the network.

Are you looking to purchase a new enterprise firewall for your business? SonicWall's firewalls offer the best protection for businesses today, helping to protect you from the common threats we see around the world. Our team is here at any time to support you in choosing the right firewall for your needs and can answer your questions about which is the best firewall to use in your daily operations. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today, as the sooner you protect your business to the best of your ability, the easier it will be to focus on the daily tasks involved in running a business.