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Bundles Compared - Gen 5/6.x CGSS & AGSS & Gen 7 EPSS & APSS

Gen 6.x AGSS
Gen 7 EPSS
(Essential Edition)
Gen 7 APSS
(Advanced Edition)
Gateway Anti-Malware, Intrusion Prevention & Application Control
Content Filtering Service Premium Business Edition
24x7 Support
Capture Advanced Threat Protection !
Comprehensive Anti-Spam Service ! !
Cloud Management ! ! !
Cloud based Reporting – 7 Days ! ! !
Part of the bundle
! Not available with the bundle, but can be purchased separately
Gen 6.x CGSS has been superceded by AGSS but listed for comparison
Gen 7 Essential Protection Security Edition includes the same subscriptions as the Gen 6.x Advanced Gateway Security Suite (but with added Anti-Spam)
New Gen 7 Advanced Edition = additional cloud management & 7 day reporting
CGSS = Comprehensive Gateway Security Suite
AGSS = Advanced Gateway Security Suite
EPSS = Essential Protection Service Suite
APSS = Advanced Protection Security Suite