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"3 & Free" Promotional Tradeup

3 & Free Promotion is back! - Buy 3 years of Advanced Gateway Security Suite, get the hardware for FREE! *

This promotion is for customers upgrading their older SonicWall to the latest SOHO 250, TZ350 or NSa 2650

Example Eligible Products Replacement Products
TZ 100, TZ 105, TZ 150, TZ 170, TZ 180, TZ 190, TZ 200, TZ 205, TZ 210, TZ 215, TZ 300, TZ 400, PRO 100, SOHO Series, SonicWall DMZ, XPRS, XPRS2, SonicWall Plus, TELE SOHO 250 / SOHO 250W
TZ350 / TZ350 W
TZ500, TZ600, NSA 220, NSA 240, NSA 250M, NSA 2600, NSA 3600, NSA 4600, NSA 2400 Series, NSA 3500, NSA 4500, PRO 4060, PRO 4100, PRO-VX, PRO 300, PRO 330, PRO 3060, GX250 NSa 2650

* Price of promotional bundle is equivalent to a 3 Years AGSS subscription of that model (wireless models carry a small premium).

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Advanced Gateway Security Suite (AGSS)

At a glance

Gateway Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware and Intrusion Prevention, Application Intelligence and Control Service - CGSS & AGSS

  • Real-time gateway anti-virus engine that scans for viruses, worms, Trojans and other Internet threats in real-time.
  • Dynamic spyware protection blocks the installation of malicious spyware and disrupts existing spyware communications.
  • Powerful intrusion prevention protects against an array of network-based threats such as worms, Trojans and other malicious code.
  • Application intelligence and control provides application classification and policy enforcement.
  • Dynamically updated signature database for continuous threat protection.

Content Filtering Service (CFS) - CGSS & AGSS

  • Comprehensive content filtering provides control of internal access to inappropriate, unproductive and potentially illegal web content.
  • Website ratings cached locally on SonicWall firewalls make response time to frequently visited sites virtually instantaneous.
  • Dynamically updated rating architecture cross-references all requested websites against a database in the cloud containing millions of URLs, IP addresses and domains and then compares each rating to the local policy setting.

24x7 Support - CGSS & AGSS

  • Software and firmware updates and upgrades maintain network security to keep your solution as good as new.
  • Around-the-clock access to chat, telephone, email and web-based support for basic configuration and troubleshooting assistance.
  • Advance Exchange hardware replacement in the event of failure.
  • Annual subscription to SonicWall’s Service Bulletins and access to electronic support tools and moderated discussion groups.

Capture Advanced Threat Protection (Capture ATP) - AGSS

  • Block zero-day attacks before they enter your network.
  • Rapidly deploy remediation signatures to other network security appliances.
  • Establish advanced protection against the changing threat landscape.
  • Analyze a broad range of file types.