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SMA 8200v (Virtual)

The SMA 1000 series is designed as an advanced secure access gateway for medium enterprises, multi-national corporations and managed security service providers (MSSPs). The series, which includes the SMA 6210, 7210 and 8200v, feature built-in multi-layer security to protect high-value corporate assets and enable users to work from anywhere and with any devices securely.

For mission-critical infrastructure, the addition of Central Management Server (CMS) for SMA provides business continuity with global traffic optimization, instant capacity upscaling, and dynamic allocation of pooled licenses.

CMS for SMA is also a powerful system that simplifies the management of global network of SMA 1000 clusters.

Specifications - SMA 8200v Virtual appliance (ESX/ ESXi/ Hyper-V/ KVM)

  • Recommended firmware - Rev 12.4 onwards
  • Concurrent sessions - Up to 5000
  • SSL-VPN throughput* - Up to 1.58 Gbps
  • Allocated memory - 8 GB
  • Processor - 4 cores
  • SSL acceleration - Yes
  • Recommended disk size - 240 GB
  • Operating system installed - Hardened Linux
  • Dedicated management port - Yes