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Email Protection Secure Upgrade Plus

Secure Upgrade Plus simplifies and expands upon SonicWALL's overwhelmingly successful Secure Upgrade and UTM Trade-up programs, offering an upgrade path from current SonicWALL® products, as well as a trade-in path from competitors' products. The new program expands to include more network security/firewall products as well as other SonicWALL solutions.

The SonicWALL Secure Upgrade Plus program recognizes the investments that customers have previously made and helps them maintain optimal security by letting them easily and affordably upgrade or trade-in their existing security appliances.

Customers who purchase the minimum set of subscription services and support when upgrading a SonicWALL product or trading-in from a competitive product can save up to 50% on the total annual cost of that solution, compared to the cost of buying the hardware separately plus one year of services. Subscriptions are now available in 2- and 3-year terms for maximum flexibility. Secure Upgrade Plus now also features more SonicWALL Network Security firewall products (including the popular new TZ 200 Series), as well as other specified SonicWALL product lines, including Continuous Data Protection (CDP), Secure Remote Access (SSL VPN) and Email Security (ES).

Email spam threatens the security and productivity of today's small and mid-size organizations. Spam attacks every member of your organization, undermining...

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