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SonicWave 600 Series *NEW*

SonicWall’s 600 series access points (APs) use 802.11ax - the most advanced technology available - for superior performance in high-density, multi-device environments. In addition to performance, these APs offer a number of additional features that provide an enhanced experience, as well as deliver best-in-class security that you expect from SonicWall.

Includes the SonicWave 621 (2x2), SonicWave 641 (4x4) & SonicWave 681 (8x8)

*** Please note that the new 600 series cannot be managed by the firewall*. They are cloud-manged AP's ***

*Firewall firmware 7.1 (Gen 7 only) will be required to manage by firewall.


SonicWave 621

SonicWave 641

SonicWave 681

Performance User experience Best-in-class wireless security Intuitive cloud management and monitoring tool Zero-Touch Deployment
  • Longer battery life
  • Neighboring network avoidance
  • Target Wake Time (TWT)
  • WIDS for threat detection
  • WIPS for active threat remediation
  • Rogue AP and device detection
  • Integrated Switch management
  • Alerts and rich analytics
  • Automatic firmware updates
  • Integrates with Wireless Network Manager and WiFi Planner
  • RF spectrum analysis
  • Fast and easy deployment
  • Auto-detection and auto-provisioning
  • Compatible with SonicExpress mobile app
  • 802.11ax
  • Increased throughput
  • Reduced latency
  • Better power management

SonicWall’s SonicWave 600 series access points utilize 802.11ax technology, which provides for improved performance in high-density environments. The use of 1024 QAM allows more data to pass through, and 802.11ax provides improvements in MU-MIMO, with both uplink and downlink capabilities. Additionally, 802.11ax works in both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands, and latency is reduced by 75%. The result is overall throughput improvement of up to 400%, with nominal data rate improvement of 37% compared to 802.11ac Wave 2.

Enhanced user experience
SonicWave APs enhance the user experience in a number of ways. Not only are processor speeds faster, but beamforming allows for a more direct connection that is faster and more reliable than without beamforming. Also, improved power control methods help to avoid interference with nearby networks, making for a better experience, and Target Wake Time management allows for longer battery life for mobile devices.

Best-in-class wireless security
Most SonicWave access points include a separate radio dedicated to security, which performs rogue AP detection, passive scanning and packet capturing.
The SonicWave solution also integrates additional securityrelated features, including wireless intrusion
detection and prevention, virtual AP segmentation, wireless guest services, RF monitoring, wireless packet capture, and zero-wait DFS, which identifies and avoids interference with radar systems while eliminating the wait associated with being booted from one DFS channel and finding another to connect with.

Intuitive cloud management and monitoring tool
Easily set up and deploy APs. SonicWave APs integrate with SonicWall Wireless Network Manager, which is a highly intuitive, scalable, and centralized Wi-Fi network management system capable of delivering rich wireless and switching analytics, powerful features, and simplified onboarding via the cloud with a single pane of glass. The APs also integrate with WiFi Planner, a site survey tool that enables you to optimally design and deploy a wireless network, resulting in a reduced total cost of ownership. With RF spectrum analysis, you can detect and identify the source of RF interference and monitor the health of a wireless system.

Zero-Touch Deployment
Zero-Touch makes it easy to register your unit and onboard SonicWave APs with the help of the SonicWall SonicExpress mobile app. The APs are automatically detected and provisioned with Zero-Touch Deployment. Available on iOS and Android, SonicExpress mobile app lets network administrators monitor and manage networks.