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Why a business VPN is more important than ever in 2018


Whether you are running your business through the office or any other secret place, VPN for business is more important in 2018 than any year ever. In this highly competitive world, Virtual Private Network has become a need rather than just an option.

Recently, there have been a lot of cyber attacks observed in most of the countries that forced authorities to make drastic changes in their privacy laws. This is also one of the reasons why VPN has become a necessity for individuals as well as big businesses. No matter what type of business you are running, you need to have a digital presence and this is a reason why business VPN for 2018 is in such a high focus.

In last few years, the attack from Ransomware has shaken the entire world and businesses are taking every single step to keep their data secure and safe. It is a kind of malware that secretly encrypts your data and use it as a hostage to demand any amount of money which needs to be credited to some anonymous account. The last couple of years have witnessed many cases where corporate were requested huge ransom in return for their crucial files and data. It is estimated that cybercriminals have made more than $1 billion through this illegal means. In the year 2018, businesses have started realising the importance of VPN that improves the security of your network and lowers any risk of data being encrypted or stolen.

Social networking is another platform where private information of users is being compromised and sold to the agents or advertisers which they can use to know the buying behaviour of people. Today, users are becoming conscious about their information and they are not ready to accept any breach of their private data. Virtual Private Network provides an ideal platform for all the internet users to protect their crucial data such as search results and online shopping patterns. 2018 is the year when internet users have started using advanced security methods such as VPN that allowed them to browse social networking sites without any fear of data breach.

In last few years, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have shown much volatility in the prices and it attracted many new players to enter this market to earn some hefty returns in short period. However, just like other industries, cryptocurrency sector was also witnessed many attacks from cybercriminals who transferred bitcoins from the bitcoin wallet of several account holders. This is an aspect where VPN is very useful as it helps to protect the network of a user so there will be no leakage of username or account's password. Most of the key players in the cryptocurrencies are focusing on adding VPN as an inbuilt feature in their software to offer an additional level of security to account holders.

As the number of users taking help of internet to do their everyday activity is increasing every day, the demand for security solutions such as VPN will keep rising in coming time. Here at SonicWall-Sales, we offer the best VPN deals in the UK.