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What is a Perimeter Firewall?


For the past few decades, firewalls have been a critical tool for IT security teams. This type of technology has continued to advance, and as cybercriminals become more inventive with their work, companies are having to find new ways to protect their business. With so many types of firewalls to choose from nowadays, we know it can be a challenge to know which is the best option for your business. Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about perimeter firewalls and how they can help you to secure your network.

What is a Perimeter Firewall?

Perimeter Firewalls

A perimeter firewall works to defend your private network from other public networks, for example, the internet. This security application can be installed as either hardware or software and is the first way to stop intruders from getting into your business. A perimeter firewall will inspect any packets that come in and out of the network and then block or allow them based on the rules that are set.

These rules are better known as access control lists, which specify which network names, port numbers, and IP addresses are allowed. You can configure these to control both the inbound and outbound traffic. The main reason any company would decide to install a perimeter firewall is to protect the company from external attacks. They can also be used within larger companies to stop insider threats and create improved segmentation. Companies of all sizes and in various industries could benefit from this security solution, which is why it’s so important to understand perimeter networks.

What is a Network Perimeter?

The terms firewall and network perimeter can sometimes be used to describe the same thing, although they do really have different meanings. Your network perimeter is the edge of your internal network, and it is the boundary that controls what comes in and out of the network. On the other hand, your new SonicWall firewall will work to filter out the traffic that’s trying to cross this boundary. The network perimeter also includes other elements, such as the border routers. This is used to describe any type of router that is in two networks, one that’s internal and one public network. Intrusion detection systems and intrusion prevention systems are also critical for the network perimeter and will help to monitor and detect malicious activity. Finally, demilitarized zones sit between the internal and public networks. These all work together to keep your network secure at all times.

What are the Benefits of a Perimeter Firewall?

Before investing in a Sonic firewall, it’s important to understand the benefits that it can offer to your business. Any business today needs to have a Soho firewall or a similar solution in place to ensure you prevent the sophisticated attacks that are being seen more commonly. No company is too small to be concerned about their security, as you could quickly lose your business and data if you aren’t careful. One of the top benefits of a perimeter firewall is traffic monitoring. It will allow the firewall to monitor incoming and outgoing transfers of data, protecting your network from any malicious data entering.

A firewall will work to detect and prevent Trojans, which smuggle themselves into your network when they attach to files. These can quickly take over your network and make them more vulnerable to even greater attacks. No business can afford to be taken down by one of these attacks, which is why we recommend everyone uses a firewall to protect themselves. Finally, you’ll find that keyloggers can be stopped by firewalls, which are spyware that try to steal your personal information by recording keystrokes. This is an advanced solution that will put your business at risk if you aren’t careful about protecting yourself.

The great news is that there are many options on offer for businesses of all sizes when it comes to choosing a perimeter firewall. Our team will be happy to guide you through this process and ensure you are set up with a solution that’s affordable and effective for the type of business you run. We can work with you to understand your current concerns and ensure that the SonicWall firewall you choose is a suitable solution for the network you are operating currently.

For more information about using a perimeter firewall or to discuss any concerns, you might have about security in your business, contact our team today. We are experts at installing firewalls for companies and can suggest the best option for your budget and needs. It’s never too late to add another layer of protection to your company, but the sooner you take the first step, the better. This is one upgrade you’ll never regret, and it will help you to keep building your business over the coming years.