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The latest Sonicwall Secure Mobile Access and why you should upgrade


Remote working and flexible working are now a big part of the way we work, and businesses and their teams operate.

However, with this comes its own set of challenges.

For example, ensuring that everyone has fast and secure access to networks at any time from anywhere has become part of the norm. But it can also be challenging to provide, manage, and stay on top of.

Sonicwall firewall security for mobile access

For several years the Sonicwall Secure Remote Access solution was used for remote personnel located around the world. However, as times change, technology certainly moves at a pace with it.

In business today, we have more users, more applications, and more services than ever before. Ensuring that everyone’s needs and all system needs are taking care of, requires a high performing solution, with the remote access that is 100% secure.

Meet the latest in Sonicwall firewall security.

SMA, also known as Secure Mobile Access by Sonicwall, SMA offers a secure access gateway that is unified and enables businesses to provide access to applications and networks at any time from anywhere.

Offering clients more throughput, more memory, and more users.

It also has the features and capabilities to help businesses move to the cloud without hesitation or complication and welcome with open arms increased mobility and BYOD.

Reasons why people are upgrading to Sonicwall SMA

Smaller cost compared to a physical appliance

Going virtual can help to improve overall performance, offer increased flexibility and scalability, minimise upfront investment, reduce downtime, lower maintenance costs, and more!

Can operate faster

Having faster and more processing cores allows SMA to encrypt data in motion, with the results providing a higher and quicker performance experience for the user.

You can increase your throughput

We all want to deliver that seamless user experience, and by increasing your throughput, you can promote better productivity by providing faster access to network applications.

Serve more remote users

The SMA series offers much more scalability from a single appliance allowing you to manage a more significant number of users accessing the network remotely at the same time without it affecting speed or performance. (This can also be tracked with the firewalls.)

Supports increased bandwidth and data transfers

Organisations must be able to provide users with the necessary support to enable them to access bandwidth-intensive applications as well as carry out high-speed data transfers. With more high-speed ports on offer, the SMA provides the perfect solution.

Everything stays current

Patches must be kept current if they are to remain protected against up and coming as well as already established cyberthreats. All SMA firmware is packed with new features as well as advanced features for those requiring more.

Warranties are important

All IT functions need to ensure that the solution that is deployed is always fully supported, and it has a first-class warranty behind it.

Reduce administrative overheads

By centralising your management and reporting through automating routine tasks, businesses can make significant administrative savings. Freeing up valuable and much sought after time! With the Sonicwall Central Management Server (CMS), you will be provided with a single user administrative interface for all of your SMA appliance management and reporting.

Continue to ensure business continuity

Continue to meet your service level agreements by opting for the right appliances to support your business scalability. Solutions provided by Sonic firewall security series can include Global Traffic Optimiser (GTO) supporting intelligent load balancing and support in the area of failovers.

Store sensitive information and data securely

Providing you with onboard memory, the SMA 6200 and 7200 allows for local storage modules, i.e., logs, file transfer inspections, reports, restores, firmware backup, and much more.

Manage user licences better

For companies that operate on a global level, central user licensing through CMS can help to manage the fluctuating demand from users managed SMA appliances, based on their usage.

Sonicwall NSA Firewalls

Sonicwall SMA can fit seamlessly into any existing IT infrastructures, offering users advanced security, secure access to networks, and cloud resources, as well as providing a more centralised approach when providing remote and mobile access.

For further information on the Sonicwall firewall series, contact 0333 2405667 or email enquiries@sonicwall-sales.com, we’d be happy to help!

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