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Do I Still Need a Firewall When Moving To The Cloud?


With so many companies transitioning to the cloud today, it’s understandable to question whether you would still need to pay for a firewall when your information should be secure in the cloud. However, the cloud isn’t a complete solution when it comes to security. Today we’re going to discuss why cloud security isn’t the only protection you need when moving to the cloud.

Do I Still Need a Firewall When Moving To The Cloud?

Is the Cloud Secure?

If you are wondering whether you still need a firewall when using the cloud, the answer is yes. Cloud security doesn’t offer the protection most businesses need today and won’t protect your current network infrastructure. If you are accessing the internet constantly for work, firewall cloud security is also needed. The cloud may offer you protection for your documents and hosted environments and stop unwanted visitors, but that isn’t the only protection you need. You will have strengthened one area of your system, but you’ll leave others open to just as many risks. Public and private clouds both offer good access and data protection, but there are still ways that hackers can attack other parts of your server without a network firewall.

Protection On The Internet

Regardless of the size of your business, we all use the internet today throughout our working day. Whether your employees are downloading files, sending emails, scrolling on social media, or just browsing the internet, there are dozens of sites that aren’t properly secured that they may find their way onto. The more employees that you have within your organisation, the greater this risk is for your company. While the cloud can offer your business a secure environment, the devices that your employees are connecting to it with aren’t necessarily protected. This is a huge threat to businesses of any size, and this is where a SonicWall firewall can provide the protection with your company needs. A firewall can offer you additional perimeter security from cyber threats even while you are using the cloud to store your data.

Remote Working Concerns

Another issue that companies are facing today is that their workforce is no longer all based in one location. If your staff are still coming into the office each day, you can use a traditional firewall to protect that single location. SonicWall firewalls will filter out the traffic in your location and is an ideal solution for anyone working from the head office. However, with employees today working from home, hotels, and anywhere else they fancy, they can’t benefit from a traditional firewall. If you are wondering why a firewall is necessary, accessing your work’s systems from public Wi-Fi is of huge concern. You can’t guarantee that your system will be secure when working from anywhere in the world.

That’s where a cloud firewall comes into play. With employees around the world still working from home, cloud-based firewalls can reach your entire network, which could stretch to any location in the world. It can offer a solution to fit a huge number of devices and different devices that your workforce use. This is one of the best ways to protect your company while using the cloud and working remotely today.

Finding a Solution That Protects Your Entire Operation

While the cloud offers many great benefits to users today and increases security, you’ll want to look at every way in which your IT infrastructure needs protecting today. Network perimeter security is still necessary to use today, but you’ll also want to protect your clouds and internet access. A Next-Generation firewall can work with public and private clouds but will also secure your business regardless of where your employees are working from today. It’s important to understand that cloud security by itself is not enough protection for companies today. You don’t want to leave your network open to attacks or risk one of your devices being infiltrated when working offsite.

Avoid Making Your Data Public

When you do initially move to the cloud, one of our top tips is to be very careful about what you make public. Ensure your data is protected by securing all the documents you don’t want anyone to access. This is one of the most common mistakes we see companies make today when operating in the cloud, and while you may think it’s just going to be shared with your employees, you’ll need to make sure that doesn’t extend to the world at large.

The cloud is one of the most exciting modern developments that companies have adopted throughout the world today. It offers so many benefits to companies of all shapes and sizes, but there are still some security concerns to be aware of in this area. We always recommend using a Soho firewall or another of the new SonicWall firewalls to protect your business. You can never be too safe when it comes to protecting your data and systems, and you’ll save your company a lot of hassle and time in the long run by adopting this solution for your business today.