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Network Security Manager Essential with Management and 7-Day Reporting for NSa 2700 (1 Year)



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Network Security Manager

SonicWall Network Security Manager (NSM), a multi-tenant centralized firewall manager, allows you to centrally manage all firewall operations error-free by adhering to auditable workflows. Reporting and Analytics¹,² give single-pane visibility and lets you monitor and uncover threats by unifying and correlating logs across all firewalls. NSM also helps you stay compliant as it provides full audit trails of every configuration change and granular reporting. The solution scales to any size organization that manages networks with up to thousands of firewall devices deployed across many locations. NSM does it all with less effort and time.

Licensing and Packaging

Feature NSM SaaS Essential NSM SaaS Advanced NSM On-Prem
Management Yes Yes Yes
Reporting 7 days 365 days No²
Analytics No No No²

¹ NSM SaaS includes reporting and analytics features
² NSM On-Prem requires a separate SonicWall Analytics On-Prem install and license for the reporting and analytics features.

Centrally Manage Your Firewalls

  • Easily onboard and manage SonicWall firewalls from a single interface
  • Establish role-based, access-controlled workflows
  • Perform tasks more proficiently using configuration wizards
  • Federate security policies globally via grouping and inheritance
  • Remotely deploy, operationalize and administer firewalls scale with Zero-Touch provisioning
  • Control or regulate access and usage of networks, applications and data

SonicWall Network Security Manager (NSM) Datasheet