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Analyzer (Discontinued)

SonicWall have discontinued this product!

Analyzer (like its big brother GMS) uses Syslog data to create the reports, and flow data (IPFIX) is becoming the new norm for getting detailed information from network devices. GMS was able to combine Syslog reports alongside Flow Reporting (when running multiple GMS servers), but the current reporting methods from SonicWall rely solely on this flow data using IPFIX (NetFlow).

If you have one of the later SonicWall firewalls and require reporting, the current options are either the SonicWall Capture Security Center (hosted) with Management, Reporting & Analytics or use a 3rd-party application called FastVue which still uses Syslog).

SonicWall Analyzer is an easy-to-use web-based reporting tool that provides administrators with real-time insight into the health, performance and security of their networks. Using a variety of customisable reports with drill-down capabilities, Analyzer helps organisations analyse activity on SonicWall firewall, backup and recovery, and secure remote access devices.

More information: SonicWall Analyzer Datasheet

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