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SonicWall GMS 10 Node Software License

SonicWall GMS 10 Node Software License



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The SonicWall Global Management System (GMS) provides organizations, distributed enterprises and service providers with a flexible, powerful and intuitive solution to centrally manage and rapidly deploy SonicWall appliances and security policy configurations.

SonicWall GMS also provides centralized real-time monitoring, and comprehensive policy and compliance reporting. SonicWall GMS' intuitive Web-based user interface easily allows for complete life cycle control of thousands of SonicWall appliances from initial configuration to complex policy changes and remote updates. For enterprises, GMS simplifies the complexity of network management by offering a single management interface, thereby reducing administration time, complexity and the overall total cost of ownership (TCO). Service providers benefit from its multi-organizational management capabilities where it consolidates, groups and classifies thousands of individual customers' managed appliances and their respective security policies. Through an integrated reporting architecture, administrators can customize and schedule reports individually tailored to meet the needs of managed customers, executives and regulatory compliance audits for corporate departments.


  • Centralized security and network management is achieved using a flexible, powerful and intuitive tool to deploy, manage and monitor a distributed network environment and set policies from a central location. Administrators can now define, distribute, enforce and deploy a full range of service and security policies for thousands of SonicWall appliances.
  • Sophisticated VPN deployment and configuration enables distributed enterprise networks to reduce the administration time, costs and complexity associated with establishing and maintaining corporate security policies, VPN connectivity and network configurations. For Service Providers, it consolidates and unifies all security polices for thousands of customers allowing for greater efficiencies in delivering an SLA.
  • Active device monitoring and alerting supplies real-time alerts with integrated monitoring capabilities allowing administrators to take preventative action and deliver immediate remediation.
  • Centralized logging provides a central location for consolidating security events and logs for thousands of appliances, thereby allowing for a single point to conduct network forensics.
  • Intelligent reporting and activity visualization presents comprehensive management and graphical reports for security devices and user activity yielding greater insight into usage trends and security events. It also enables the customization of these reports using corporate logos and colors, thereby delivering a cohesive branding message to users and customers.
  • Offline management enables scheduled configurations and/or firmware updates on managed appliances to occur offline to minimize service disruption to end users and customers.
  • Streamlined license manager displays a unified console for storing, applying, tracking and updating security license information for managed SonicWall appliances, thereby simplifying the inventory for managing security and support license subscriptions.
  • SNMP support provides a powerful, real-time alerting mechanism for all TCP/IP and SNMP-enabled devices and applications, thus greatly enhancing the ability to pinpoint and respond to critical network events.

More information: SonicWall GMS Datasheet