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Special Order - SonicWall Analyzer Reporting Software for NSa 3650 & NSA 3600/3500

Special Order - SonicWall Analyzer Reporting Software for NSa 3650 & NSA 3600/3500



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SonicWall Analyzer is an easy-to-use web-based reporting tool that provides administrators with real-time insight into the health, performance and security of their networks. Using a variety of customisable reports with drill-down capabilities, Analyzer helps organisations analyse activity on SonicWall firewall, backup and recovery, and secure remote access devices.

  • Easily view traffic usage statistics such as top websites visited. Drill-down reporting allows for sorting of data according to granular details, such the site name, IP address, website category and number of connections attempted.
  • Intuitive graphical reports simplify monitoring of SonicWall appliances and make it easy to identify traffic anomalies based on usage data for a specific timeline, initiator, responder or service. Export reports to a Microsoft ® Excel ® spreadsheet, PDF file or directly to a printer.
  • Built-in granular reporting allows for traffic usage data to be displayed according to top applications on the network. Easily identify the top applications detected or blocked according to category, timeline or initiator.
  • Threat management comes standard with Analyzer; easily view the top threats to the network by target, initiator or threat type. Comprehensive threat reporting, such as Gateway Anti-Virus, Intrusion Prevention and Anti-Spyware, are all included.

Resources: Analyzer Datasheet

SonicWALL® Analyzer is an easy to use web-based traffic analytics and reporting tool that provides real-time and historical insight into the health, performance and security of the network. Analyzer supports SonicWALL firewalls, backup and recovery (Continuous Data Protection) appliances, and secure remote access devices while leveraging application traffic analytics for security event reports. SonicWALL is the only firewall vendor that provides a complete solution that combines off-box application traffic analytics with granular statistical data generated by SonicWALL firewalls.

Real-time and historic traffic analysis.
Traffic analysis utilizing granular next-generation syslog data provides advanced troubleshooting capabilities to assist in identifying the location of network outages and slowdowns by surfacing what applications are used by what users and systems. + Graphical Reports Businesses gain increased visibility into suspicious network activity and employee productivity with comprehensive graphical reports on firewall bandwidth usage statistics, threats, and per user application traffic analysis.

Next-generation syslog reporting.
Revolutionary architecture enhancements streamline data summarization and allow for near real-time reporting of incoming syslog messages. Direct access to the underlying raw data further facilitates extensive granular capabilities and offers highly customizable reporting.

SRA user reporting.
Administrators gain valuable insight into user activity as well as appliance health and behavior through Secure Remote Access (SRA) event reporting.

CDP event reporting.
Custom proprietary next-generation reporting provides a detailed view of Continuous Data Protection (CDP) appliance well-being and user agent statistics.

Universal scheduled reports.
With universal scheduled reports, administrators have a single entry point for all scheduled reports. Administrators can choose to generate a single report that combines charts and tables for multiple units. Reports can be scheduled and sent out in various formats to one or more email addresses.

At-a-glance reporting.
Customizable views illustrate multiple summary reports on a single page. Users can easily navigate through vital network metrics to analyze data quickly across a variety of reports.

Compliance reporting.
Administrators can generate reports that fulfill compliance requirements on an ad-hoc and scheduled basis to meet specific regulatory mandates.

Multi-threat reporting.
With the Gateway Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Intrusion Prevention, Application Intelligence and Control Service, businesses can collect information on thwarted attacks and receive instant access to threat activities detected by SonicWALL firewalls.

User-based reporting.
Individual user activities are tracked locally or on remote network sites to provide even greater insight into traffic usage across the entire network and get a closer look at application usage, web sites visited, backup activity, and VPN connections per user.

New attack intelligence.
Granular reporting allows administrators to quickly react to incoming threats with new attack intelligence including types of attacks or intrusion attempts and the source address of the attacker.

Flexible deployment options.
SonicWALL Analyzer can be deployed as either a Windows application or a Virtual Appliance. By deploying SonicWALL Analyzer as a Virtual Appliance in a VMware environment, organizations can leverage shared computing resources to optimize utilization, ease migration and reduce capital costs.

** Note: The SonicWALL ViewPoint® reporting tool is also available to help SonicWALL customers optimize security, manage growth and ease administrative burdens. ViewPoint is only available as part of the SonicWALL Comprehensive Gateway Security Suite for NSA E8510 and older NSA and NSA E-Class devices and the TZ 210 and older TZ class devices.