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600 Series AP's can now be firewall-managed on Gen 7 firewalls

by Paul Heritage

Now that the long awaited 7.1 firmware has been released for the Gen 7 firewall (TZ270/370/470/570/670 & NSa 2700/3700/4700/5700/6700) you can deploy the 600 series AP's - including the 621, 641 & 681.

What's New in SonicOS 7.1

Prior to 7.1, only the 200 & 400 series could be firewall-managed, and the 600 series has being cloud-managed only. 7.1 firmware now allows for any SonicWall AP to be firewall-managed.

There is an additional provisioning profile added to the firewall for SonicWaveAX which covers these latest AP's.

You can therefore run a mixture of AP's on a single firewall.


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