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What Is Service Co-Termination?

by Paul Heritage

Service Co-termination allows you to adjust the expiration dates of all Service Contracts to expire on the same date. Service Co-termination is provided as a free service to SonicWall customers who have active service contracts. Expired services must be renewed before they can be included.

Services covered in Co-termination

  • Comprehensive Gateway Security Suite (CGSS) - CGSS will be shown as the individual services that make up the suite
  • Gateway Anti-Virus & Intrusion Prevention Service
  • Content Filtering Service - Premium
  • Content Filtering Service - Standard
  • Dynamic 24x7 Support (all products)
  • Dynamic 8x5 Support (all products)
  • Capture Client

Services Covered under Zero Pound/Dollar Co-term

  • Dynamic 8x5 Support (all products)
  • Dynamic 24x7 Support (all products)
  • Gateway AV
  • IPS
  • Content Filtering Service - Premium
  • Content Filtering Service - Standard
  • Comprehensive Gateway Security Suite (CGSS) will be shown as the individual services that make up the suite

Services not currently covered

  • Comprehensive GMS
  • GMS SW Support
  • CASS
  • Email Security
  • CDP Site-to-Site
  • CDP Off-Site
  • Antispam Desktop
  • Software & Firmware-only" updates

Services not applicable to Co-termination

  • Aventail Support for Advanced Reporting
  • ViewPoint

How Service Co-termination is calculated

The value of the selected services in the MySonicWall account is calculated and averaged between the chosen items so that all services expire on the same date.

MySonicWallCo-termination calculates a common expiration date for the selected services in the following way:

  1. The number of days remaining until expiration is determined for each service (DR).
  2. The cost per day is calculated for each service (CPD). This is determined by dividing the price of the service by its duration).
  3. The Days Remaining times the Cost Per Day yields the Remaining Cost of the service (RC).
  4. The sum of remaining cost of the services divided by the sum of the costs per day yield the Days Variance (DR).
  5. The Coterm Date is Today’s date + Days Variance.

Coterm Date = Today + DV

DV = Days Variance ( (Sum of RC for all services) / (Sum of CPD for all services) )
Coterm Date = Today’s date + Days Variance

Cost-per-day is the amount a specific service on a specific devices costs for a single day. In terms of co-termination, the cost-per-day for a given service is directly related to the MSRP of the service divided by the number of days in the duration (1 year = 365 days, 2 years = 730 days, 3 years = 1095 days).


  • On the NSA E7500, Dynamic Support services for 1 year cost $4,859. The cost-per-day for Support on the NSA E7500 is:$4,859 / 365 = $13.31
  • In comparison, the TZ 150 Unlimited’s Dynamic Support services for 1 year cost $89. The cost-per-day for Support on the TZ 150 Unlimited is: $89 / 365 = $0.24

How Co-termination is performed

  • Select the devices and services you wish to modify and click the appropriate checkboxes.
  • Click Co-Term Services when you have selected the services to be co-terminated. At least two services must be selected.
  • Products can be grouped or filtered by Product, Service Name, Expiration Date, or days until service expiration, allowing you to narrow the choices to the most relevant products.
  • After Co-termination dates have been calculated, they appear in the Co-term Date column.
  • If you agree to this date, select the checkbox and click Complete. Otherwise, click the Back button to revise the co-termination order.

Co-termination Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Is Co-termination?

  • Co-termination is the process of consolidating many service contracts to produce a common expiration date.

Do I need to buy anything?

  • No purchase is needed. SonicWall offers the Co-termination feature free of charge to customers with active service contracts.

How does it work?

  • MySonicWall will survey services chosen by the user, calculate the dollar value of the time remaining for those services, then spread that value across the devices so the services all end on the same date.

Can I co-term services on multiple devices?

  • Yes. You can co-terminate services on a single device or all the devices in your MySonicWall account.

My company has multiple accounts with SonicWall. Can I co-terminate services for devices in all of them?

  • You can run the Co-termination feature only for devices registered to your MySonicWall account. If your company has multiple accounts, you can transfer devices to a single account, then run the Co-termination feature.

How can I coterminate services for only a few select devices?

  • Yes. The Co-termination feature will let you easily filter and group your devices. You can explicitly choose which services you would like to co-terminate.

Some of my services have expired, why can’t I select them for Co-termination?

  • The Co-termination feature is available only to active services. If a service has expired, you will need to purchase a license and activate it through MySonicWall before it can be co-termed.