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Security Update: SMA 100 Series Patch Now Available

by Paul Heritage

As communicated on Feb. 1, SonicWall is announcing the availability of a critical firmware update to patch a zero-day vulnerability on SMA 100 series 10.x code.

All SonicWall customers with active SMA 100 series devices running 10.x code should immediately apply the patch on physical and virtual appliances. The patch also contains additional code to strengthen the device.

Please read the KB article in its entirety as it outlines how to upgrade to the latest SMA 100 series 10.x firmware via MySonicWall and provides important details in post-upgrade steps.

SMA 100 Series Devices that Require Patch


Physical Appliances: SMA 200, SMA 210, SMA 400, SMA 410


Virtual Appliances: SMA 500v (Azure, AWS, ESXi, HyperV)

As previously stated, SonicWall firewalls and SMA 1000 series appliances, as well as all respective VPN clients, are unaffected and remain safe to use. No action for these products is required.

Please continue to monitor the specified knowledgebase (KB) article for the latest information.

Read KB Article


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