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Risky Expired Firewalls

by Cathy Houghton

Firewalls are an essential network security barrier, carefully positioning themselves between your computer's network system and the internet.

Available as a piece of hardware or software, firewalls filter traffic coming in and out of your network, stopping potential threats in their tracks and preventing unauthorised personnel from getting their hands on your company and customer data.

Firewalls come with a range of features and capabilities, and you have the ability to configure these to meet your requirements exactly.

Sonic firewalls are set up on a subscription basis, and it is vital that you don't allow this subscription to lapse, putting your network and business at risk.

Trust us, using unsupported hardware or software can and will negatively affect your systems and put your complete online security at risk.

At SonicWALL sales, we ensure all of our clients are continually protected against cyber threats, ensuring all firewalls are in warranty and still under licence – contact us if you would like to chat further.

Below we provide further information on the importance of keeping your firewalls up to date and the negative impact if subscriptions fall behind.

Risky Expired Firewalls

It's too risky to use an expired firewall

Firewalls are ultimately a security solution to the constantly growing number of cyber threats posed to business networks and data.

Scanning information coming in and out of your network, data that is safe will pass through the firewall and onto its intended recipient. However, for any piece of information or data that appears to be slightly suspicious, the firewall will block the content/message, and the threat will be stopped in its tracks.

Depending on your servers and requirements, you can have one or several SonicWALL firewalls, i.e., if you have varying sensitivity issues or if you have identified different user groups within the organisation more than one firewall may be required.

However, firewalls can and do expire.

Having an old firewall is extremely risky. It is a security loophole that allows hackers to enter your network and steal sensitive and profitable (to them) information.

Firewalls are considered expired when you're no longer receiving patches or updates to your


An out-of-date firewall also means your system's security is broken, and now your network is open to hacking, malware, and increased phishing attempts – it can put your company and customer information and data into the wrong hands.

This makes it vital to have the right security measures in place to safeguard your data and information at all costs.

Benefits of avoiding an outdated firewall

Updated Features. Firewalls are continuously updated, which means, by updating your subscription, you will also receive the latest features and capabilities, maximising the firewall's full potential and providing you with the best level of online protection.

In addition, because new threats are continually updated, it's vital that you have an updated

firewall to be on top of these.

You have ongoing technical support with an updated subscription. If you ever experience problems or have a query regarding your firewall service, technical assistance from the vendor is often available. This can give your IT security team additional confidence and peace of mind.

You will receive firmware upgrades. When and as new patches to fix bugs or block malicious viruses are released, with an updated firewall subscription, you will be eligible to receive these updates and stay on top of security….and…one step ahead of the hackers – allowing your security time to fix a bug before a hacker finds a way in.

Avoid an interruption to service. Expired firewalls, in worst-case scenarios, can take your entire network offline, prevent specific applications from working correctly, or make your network more sluggish, leading to a reduction in productivity.

You can avoid any interruption to service with an updated firewall subscription, keeping productivity high.

Sonic Firewalls

An outdated firewall will have many limitations and leave your network extremely vulnerable.

This makes a layered network security option your best line of defence against cyber criminals, where you can customise your firewall configurations to the level and required security your network needs.

Take the time to evaluate your firewall and check it is still meeting your requirements, ensuring your business's network is equipped to protect against wide-ranging cyber threats and targets.

We work hard to continue to go above and beyond for our clients. Ensuring that your network is continually protected and the right patches and fixes are applied when they are needed the most.

Helping to ensure everything is set up correctly, it is up-to-date, and the SonicWALL firewalls are working as they should; call us at 0330 1340 230 or email enquiries@sonicwall-sales.com.


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