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*** PRICING UPDATE (SonicWall Annoucement) - Product Prices Increasing Starting December 1st

by Paul Heritage

This is an announcement from SonicWall on Monday 1st November 2021

Why is SonicWall increasing prices?
Like every business in nearly every industry, SonicWall is not immune to global supply-chain challenges. To date, we’ve worked tirelessly to absorb industry-wide cost increases for our distributors and partners as component constraints, staffing shortages and shipping challenges continue to impact the global economy.

Is this a temporary price increase?
No, this is not temporary. Like every other security vender, SonicWall continues to see increased hardware, services, support and logistics costs, including a 700% increase in shipping container costs; 400% increase in chip costs; 1500% increase in memory costs; 400% increase in air freight costs; and 12-plus weeks for door-to-door ocean freight deliveries.

When will my distributor have new pricing?
SonicWall distributors will have new pricing available on December 1, 2021.

How do I find my new prices?
Contact your distributor on or after December 1, 2021.

Does this increase apply to all products?
While we routinely evaluate cost structures, this announcement only applies to Gen 7 firewalls (e.g., TZ, NSa, NSsp) and services for those products.

Why are services included in the price increase?
Service SKUs also include hardware costs, so services also are impacted by the same supply-chain challenges. To offset some of these increases, SonicWall is evenly distributing increases across the entire Gen 7 portfolio.

What price book will be used during November2021?
The November price list will be used in November2021. The December price list will be publishedon or before December 1, 2021.