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New TZ270 Promotion - moving from SOHO / SOHO 250 models.

by Paul Heritage

SonicWall’s limited-time ‘3 & Free’ promotion is available for existing SonicWall customers of the Gen 6.0 SOHO or Gen 6.5 SOHO 250, or other Gen 5 models.

Get a free Gen 7 SonicWall TZ270 when you trade in your SOHO or Gen 5 TZ firewall and buy three years of either Advanced Protection Service Suite (APSS) or Essential Protection Service Suite (EPSS).

With this upgrade, you’ll gain:

  • SonicOS 7 Advanced Security
  • Vastly improved DPI, VLAN, and IPsec VPN performance.
    TZ270 offer 3.5 times firewall, DPI and IPSec VPN performance over SOHO 250 firewalls and more than 6 times over SOHO (Gen 5).
  • Greater port density. TZ270 next-generation firewalls supports eight ports while SOHO 250 and SOHO Gen 5 support five.
  • 5G Support

Important Note: This 3 & Free Partner Promotion is a SonicWall replacement promotion. This is NOT for competitive replacement. PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS CAN ONLY BE REGISTERED WITH SERIAL NUMBER ENTRY OF AN ELIGIBLE REPLACEMENT PRODUCT. Upgrade Product Eligibility is a limited version of the Secure Update Matrix for this promotion.

What can I upgrade?

TZ100, TZ105, TZ150, SOHO, SOHO W, SOHO250, SOHO250 W, TZ170, TZ180, TZ190, TZ200, TZ205, TZ210, TZ215

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