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Layered Cybersecurity: A Tactical Guide

by Paul Heritage
Building Protection that’s Comprehensive, Complementary and Cost-effective.

The notion of layered security isn’t new. But with companies needing to mobilize for the new business normal amid threats that are increasingly sophisticated, more varied and more frequent, layered cybersecurity has never been more relevant.

The idea behind layered cybersecurity is simple: The more obstacles you place in front of an attacker, the better your chances are to identify and stop the attack before your network, data or business are compromised.

While many organizations understand the basics of layered security, our new hyper-distributed IT reality—where everyone is remote, everyone is mobile, and everyone is less secure—requires us to revisit and refine this best practice.

To help, SonicWall has prepared a layered approach to meet the needs of your boundless workforce while keeping your business objectives a priority.

While there are different schools of thought on which layers are the most important (e.g., logical, most critical, easiest to implement, etc.) this guide offers a top-down look at the vulnerabilities you should mitigate first.

It should also be stated that a modern layered security strategy should be grounded and managed in a unified, harmonized and un-siloed environment.

LAYER 1 Security Awareness

LAYER 2 Strong Authentication

LAYER 3 Email Security

LAYER 4 Mobile & Remote Access Security

LAYER 5 Wireless Security

LAYER 6 Endpoint Protection

LAYER 7 SSL/TLS Decryption & Inspection

LAYER 8 Real-Time Sandboxing

LAYER 9 Advanced Memory & Side-Channel Inspection

LAYER 10 Real-Time Security for Cloud Apps & Services

LAYER 11 Next-Generation Firewalls

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