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Important Notice: Subscription Increase, Cost-Saving Options & Upgrades

by Paul Heritage

Subscription Increase

Due to the macroeconomic conditions of rising inflation and operating costs, SonicWall is initiating price adjustments for Gen 6 and Gen 7 SonicWall firewall security service subscriptions. The price increases on Gen6/Gen 6.5 are also due to product lifecycle cadence on older firewall generations after the release of a new generation.

All Gen 6 firewall security service SKUs will experience up to a 40% increase while Gen 7 firewall security service SKUs will experience up to a 10% increase effective August 1, 2024. There will be no price increase for any hardware or hardware bundle SKUs.

Cost Saving Options
SonicWall understands the challenges and offers the following options to mitigate the price increase:

  • Our new SonicProtect subscription renewal offer is available with 3-year and 5-year terms. SonicProtect delivers the highest tier of security service on all generations of SonicWall. The per-year price of the SonicProtect subscription service SKU is substantially lower than the per-year price of the highest security service tier after the price increase. Since the price is locked down for the duration of the subscription term, customers can avoid subscription premiums on any services with new generation platforms during the subscription term. Learn more.

  • Upgrade Now: Take advantage of time-limited programs such as 3 & Free to move to Gen 7 at minimal costs.

Why Upgrade?

  • New and enhanced security features reduce the risks of ever-evolving threats
  • Expanded capabilities in management, logging, and reporting and analytics, including the new Cloud Security Connector with SonicOS 7.1.2 to enable hybrid deployments
  • Increased efficiencies from new integration and automation features
  • Higher security efficacy from improved functionality and performance - watch our latest webinar on vulnerability management and firewall best practices for details.


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