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Cybersecurity for CEOs and Boards

by Cathy Houghton

Cybersecurity is something that every single employee in your organisation needs to be aware of. This includes the new intern through to the CEO of the company. When it comes to cybersecurity for boards, you’ll want to ensure you have a SonicWall firewall by SonicWall-Sales in place as the first step before talking to them about the ways you can get everyone in your organisation on board with cybersecurity. Keep reading as we share our top tips for cybersecurity for businesses in any industry this year.

Cybersecurity for CEOs and Boards

Identify the Critical Systems

Before even starting to discuss cybersecurity with your CEO and board, you’ll want to ensure you have a SonicWall firewall in place. Without SonicWall firewalls, you’ll find that you don’t even have anything to show that you are making the first step to protecting the organisation. Your CEO needs to be aware of the benefits of SonicWall firewalls so that they know there is protection in place at all times for your business. No matter the type of business you work for, the more involved your CEO is with cybersecurity, the more likely this will be to filter down your organisation. They need to look at how systems will help protect your revenue and ensure that confidential information is kept safe at all times.

Once you’ve identified your critical systems within IT, also look at any systems you have for manufacturing or other areas of your business. You’ll find that they are equipped with technology too, which could become the victim of a cyberattack. Make sure your supply chain is safe at all times so that you don’t risk losing any of your business or customers should a cyberattack take place.

Discuss the Risks to the Business

For many IT teams, they are concerned about having open conversations with CEOs and boards about their critical systems. Cyberattack preparation can be a tough topic to bring up with the board, but it’s important to be open and honest about this issue. Cybersecurity for boards needs to be treated differently than your cybersecurity IT team would talk to your employees. That’s why some companies opt to use cybersecurity consulting. This is a good way to break down cybersecurity for CEOs and make it more applicable to their top concerns within your business. Once the CEO and board are more aware of the risks of cyberattacks to your daily operations, they’ll be far more likely to support you with training your employees and responding to incidents.

Have a Plan in Place for Attacks

When you first start working with the CEO and board to make them more aware of cybersecurity, you need to ensure your IT team has a plan in place for a potential attack. When an attack occurs, you need to try and respond within just 24 hours so that you have the best chance of recovery for your organisation. You should have an emergency team that everyone knows to contact and who the CEO and board will be familiar with talking to about these issues. You’ll find that when everyone knows who to call if they notice an issue, you’ll be much more likely to respond quickly and save your business from potential ruin.

Plan Cyberattack Practices

While this might sound a little silly to some businesses, the best way to test out your current setup is to plan a mock attack. You can get everyone on board in your organisation in the way you would with a fire alarm test. You’ll be able to see who notices the attack and how they respond to it. This is an exercise in cybersecurity for business that everyone should adopt. It will help to keep you prepared and ensure all of your team knows how to respond in an emergency. The more often you start doing these drills, the smoother your operations will become. Everyone will feel confident responding to an attack, from the CEO down to the newest employee in your business.

By following these top cybersecurity tips, you can ensure everyone in your business remains dedicated to cybersecurity this year. Your CEO and board need to support this movement at all times so that you remain in compliance and stop anything from entering your system. When they start to see the financial impact it could have on the company, you’ll find they are much more likely to pay attention to the protection you have in place for your systems. Contact our team today for more information and advice about working with a SonicWall firewall to protect your business. We’ll be happy to work with your employees to find a solution that’s right for your business and support you during this concerning time when we see more cyberattacks than ever before on businesses.


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