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Best Practices for Cloud Security in 2021

by Cathy Houghton

Cloud security is something almost any business needs to pay more attention to in this day and age. If you haven’t taken the time to think about the cloud and the security solutions you need for your business, we encourage you to keep reading as we share the best practices for cloud security. SonicWall firewalls software is one of the best solutions for cloud security, and we’d highly encourage you to invest in this solution to protect your business in the future.

Best Practices for Cloud Security in 2021

Why is Cloud Security So Important?

Cloud security is becoming more of a risk to companies around the world. It’s believed that by last year, over half of the world’s companies’ budgets would have increase in this area due to the number of risks to keep in mind. However, so many people don’t realise that their current security setup has no use in the cloud. You’ll find that cybercrime is only continuing to increase year after year, which is why looking after your business in the cloud is so important. While the cloud offers many advantages to business owners, you need to ensure you are protecting yourself while working in the cloud.

Cloud Security Best Practices

By following these best practices, you can ensure you protect your business when working in the cloud. While incidents could happen at any time, the more you prepare for all eventualities, the less likely you’ll be to suffer from issues in the future.

Choose the Best Cloud Service Provider

If you aren’t already working in the cloud, we recommend taking the time to research the right cloud service provider for your needs. Opt for one which has some form of cloud security built into the solution. Read reviews online and see what other companies have to say about their services. While a company can share with you everything they have to offer, it’s always best to hear what other customers have to say first. Ask them to confirm what they offer and show certificates where applicable.

Train Your Team

When we install a secure cloud system within our business, so much of the time and effort goes into the installation itself. While a SonicWall firewall will offer your office many benefits, you still need to train your team on why you are using this in the first place. The more your team are aware of the risk of cybersecurity threats, the less likely they will be to click on a malicious link. They’ll also need to know the correct way to report any concerns they have. By offering an open chain of communication to your whole team, you can be sure that everyone is on the same page and isn’t afraid to bring up any concerns they have about your cloud security software.

Consider Your Password Policy

An important part of protecting any business and software system is the password that you are using. Your business needs to have a policy in place for secure cloud services to ensure passwords are changed frequently. Old and new employees need to be reminded of their privileges, and you should have the ability to take these away as needed if someone leaves your organisation. When you first welcome an employee to the company, ensure they are only given access to the tools they truly need to do their job. While it can be so easy just to give everyone access to anything in your business, this is usually a recipe for disaster for most business owners.

Opt to Use SonicWall Firewall Software

SonicWall firewalls are one of the world’s leading solutions for companies who are concerned about cloud security. Since the invention of the firewall, the team at SonicWall has invested their time and energy into creating resources that are suitable for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Your office is never going to be too small to benefit from working with our team and finding the right firewall for your needs. Many small business owners believe they don’t need to worry about cloud security, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Start protecting your business today by investing in the right solutions to protect your company from cybercriminals. You’ve invested so much time and money into your business already, so make sure you aren’t letting that go to waste.

Cyberattacks are continuing to increase in regularity following the recent pandemic. With criminals finding new ways to attack businesses, you need to ensure you are doing everything in your power to protect yourself this year. Contact our team today for more information about how SonicWall firewalls can help to protect your business. It’s never too late to start making changes to the way you operate. By following the best practices for cloud security we shared above, you can protect yourself and your employees for many years to come.