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The advantages and disadvantages of firewall

by Cathy Houghton

We often hear that firewalls are critical for businesses in any industry today to stay safe and secure. While this is true for businesses of all sizes and shapes, it is important to know the benefits and drawbacks of a firewall so that you can make the right choice for your business. Keep reading to discover the benefits of a firewall and anything you should be aware of when making this purchase. A sound firewall is one of the best options for your business to consider this investment and will help to protect your data in the future.

The advantages and disadvantages of firewall

What are the Advantages of a Firewall?

There are many reasons that we encourage every business owner to invest in a firewall. Keep reading to discover the advantages of a firewall for any company.

Monitor the Traffic Passing Through

The main aim of a firewall is for it to monitor the traffic that is passing through your firewall and system. All of this information comes in packets, which the firewall will inspect to ensure it is safe to enter. When it does come across something that is harmful, it will block the traffic instead of letting it enter your system.

Protect Your Business

The number of cybersecurity threats is only continuing to increase year after year. Following the recent pandemic, we notice that malware and Trojans are on the increase, and it’s impossible for businesses to protect themselves alone. You don't want to risk your hard work and money, and a firewall will work to block anything that could cause problems right away. This will prevent hackers from getting into your business and carrying out any illegal activity. Viruses spread so quickly, which can cause a huge amount of damage to any business. We highly recommend everyone invests in a firewall this year, as it will protect your business from attacks and be your top tool.

Increased Privacy and Control for Business Owners

The great thing about firewalls is that they come with an access policy. You can use this to block some hosts and services from entering your system. This will give you more control over your computer system and ensure that you are protected from various attacks. Privacy is something that every business needs to be concerned about, especially with everyone spending so much time online today. A firewall will block the DNS information from a site system and make sure that all information that needs to remain private stays that way.

The Drawbacks of Using a Firewall

While we encourage every business to see the benefits of a firewall, it’s always good to be aware of any potential drawbacks. These are simply things to be aware of when purchasing a firewall and will help you to make the right choice for your company.

The Cost

Sadly, firewalls aren’t free with computer systems or devices. While SonicWall firewalls are a very affordable option, you’ll find that others can be very costly. Especially for small businesses, we recommend looking at a Sonic firewall, which is designed with small and medium-sized businesses in mind. These offer a cost-friendly solution that will protect your business and ensure you receive all the benefits of firewalls we shared above. You’ll also want to invest in training for your team if they aren’t sure how to use a firewall. This will help you to remain well protected in any situation in the future.

Choosing a High Performing Firewall

With so many options on the market today, we know that it can be difficult to choose a high-performing firewall that offers all the above benefits. You should take your time to compare the different SonicWall Firewalls available, and then choose from them to find the right one for your system. Our team knows that every business is unique, and we’ll support you in finding the right protection for your company. Always look for a firewall that will support your operations, no matter how simple or complex they are.

As you can see, there are both benefits and drawbacks of firewalls. However, it’s clear that the advantages of a firewall clearly outweigh the disadvantages for businesses of all sizes. Even small and medium-sized businesses need to make this investment to help them to stay ahead of the competition and avoid cyberattacks. No matter how small you think your company is, you never know when someone will try to infiltrate your system and wreak havoc for your business. The cost of a firewall is nothing compared to the cost of a cyberattack, which is why we recommend investing in a firewall today. Contact our team for more information about our range of firewalls and to help you find the right solution for your business.


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