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7.1 (Gen 7) firmware now available

by Paul Heritage

The long awaited release of 7.1 firmware is finally here!

Compatibility and Installation Notes

  • Most popular browsers are supported, but Google Chrome is preferred for the real-time graphics display on the Dashboard.
  • A MySonicWall account is required.

What's New

  • UI Monitor and Page Enhancements
    To help create a better user experience, enhancements have been made to the user interface.
    • There is a new tab on the Dashboard > System page.
    • The new Security Services tab provides a summary of the licensing information and detailed licensing information on each of the Security Services.
  • Tooling Support Enhancements
    Several enhancements have been made to some diagnostics and reporting tools on the Tech Support Report page.
    • The layout was changed to add an Action section where you can download several different reports.
    • A tool tip was written for the Download System Logs button.
    • The System Logs file package includes event logs in CSV format.
  • SonicWave AX Support
    This version of SonicOS integrates SonicWave 600 Series Access Points with the firewall.
  • Network Access Control Support
    SonicOS provides APIs so that NAC vendors can pass security context to SonicOS firewalls. Using the security context SonicOS builds policies for mitigation actions, fetches dynamic user roles and other information from the NAC vendor to build information models and perform the traffic filtering. SonicOS can support multiple NAC servers from different vendors simultaneously.
  • Updates to NSv
    With NSV Bootstrapping and Token-based Registration, this version of SonicOS simplifies mass deployments of NSv in supported cloud platforms.
    NOTE: Upgrading to this version of NSv requires that you deploy a new NSv installation and import backup settings and certificates exported from your current installation. For more information, see https://www.sonicwall.com/support/knowledge-base/231208132612487.
  • Intrusion Protection Service Tuning Capabilities
    For firewalls operating in Policy Mode, you can now selectively enable and disable specific Intrusion Protection Service rules.
  • Gateway Antivirus and Anti-Spyware Threat Profile Support
    For firewalls operating in Policy Mode, Profile Objects support Gateway Antivirus and Anti-Spyware for Policy Enforcement
  • DNS Filtering
    Introduces a significant update aimed at enhancing the security and efficiency of your online experience, including:
    • Safeguarding Against Malicious Websites: Proactively blocking access to known malicious domains through DNS filtering mitigates the risk of malware infections and other cyberattacks.
    • Enhancing Bandwidth: By blocking access to unnecessary or undesirable websites, it reduces bandwidth consumption and optimizes internet speeds
    • Filtering Inappropriate Content: DNS filtering delivers an additional layer of protection by blocking access to websites hosting explicit content, violence, or objectionable material.
  • Content Filtering 5.0
    Introducing Content Filtering Engine 5.0 provides major enhancements:
    • Category Extension: Increases number and types of supported categories, resulting in improved categorization of websites.
    • Reputation-based blocking: Reputation-based URL blocking proactively identifies and blocks suspicious entities based on Reputation.
  • Active/Standby High Availability Support for SonicWall Capture Security Appliance
  • Automatic Update Firmware Support
    This feature simplifies the process of keeping your firewall up-to-date with the latest firmware versions, patches, and security updates. NOTE: This feature is not supported on NSsp 15700.
  • Ability to view Anti Spyware, Gateway Anti-Virus, and Intrusion Prevention Profile Objects
  • Ability to store Threat/System Monitor, Audit Log, and Packet Capture files on an external storage module
    NOTE: This feature is not supported on NSsp 15700.
  • Ability to enable Management tabs (HTTPS/PING/SSH) and Source (IP) on Interfaces.

More information: https://blog.sonicwall.com/en-us/2023/12/whats-new-in-sonicos-7-1-1/

Please note that you will need an active Support Subscription to download new firmware.

Find available renewals here.


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