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Installation & Configuration


We offer 2 options - ether onsite, or remote via telephone & remote connection. Both are carried out by trained Certified SonicWALL Security Administrators (CSSA's).

On-site Installation

Our on-site installation includes a fully trained SonicWALL engineer who will provide configuration, installation, testing, training etc. for as long as you need them. Please contact us for availability and costs.

Remote Configuration & Support

Remote Configuration & Support is a telephone based service designed to assist engineers who are installing and configuring SonicWALL solutions. This service covers all UTM Firewalls, CDP, SSL-Secure Remote Access and Email Security product sets. It has been designed to help all skill levels, from a technician who is new to SonicWALL, to experienced engineers that may need help with some of the more advanced configuration options that SonicWALL devices have to offer. This is separate from any other support contracts you have in place, or any support you may have with SonicWALL.

How does it work?
We will take your engineers contact details, someone from our team will then call your engineer and agree a convenient time to assist you. At the specified time and date we will then call you and help carry out the installation and configuration.

What do you get?

  • A pre-booked timed telephone appointment, we will call you in normal working hours
  • A dedicated, experienced and professional engineer to assist you
  • Up to 2 hours of telephone time
  • Logging all of the work done, for future reference
  • Professional post installation checks to ensure your SonicWALL product is functioning correctly and to its optimum performance levels

What do I need to do?
We will require that the appliance be available for management over the internet either by HTTPS, RDP, Virtual Assist; (Standard Appliance Remote Management features like HTTPS is the preferred method).

Our technical support engineers will need a mobile or land line number to call in order to liaise with the engineer to assist with the installation.

What do I need to note?
Our technical support engineers will work with you to complete as much of the configuration as possible within the allocated time frame - additional time can be purchased.

If multiple appliances are to be installed/configured, you need to purchase support for each separate serial number.

On-site Installation - All SonicWall Products
  £895.00 (£1,074.00 inc VAT)

On-site installation (UK) by a trained SonicWall Certified Engineer. Call for details, price starts at £895 per day.


Remote Configuration & Assistance - All SonicWall Products (up to 2 hours) including: A pre-booked timed telephone appointment, we will call you in...