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SonicWall Product Registration Transfer


If you own a SonicWall product and cannot access the registration details because it is already registered to another person (or company) or you have forgotten/lost the details, you will need to get the registration deleted or transferred.

The quickest and simplest method is to request the current owner to remove the product from their www.mysonicwall.com account or get them to transfer it to yours. If they remove it from their account you can then simply re-register it using the serial number and authentication code that is on the product label.

If this isn't possible you will need SonicWall's assistance but will need to provide some proof that you are in possession of the product.

Send an email to customer_service@sonicwall.com and include the following:

  1. A photograph of the product label that includes a readable view of the serial number (this helps confirm you are in possession)
  2. A product report (TSR) from the firewall (Gen7 = Device -> Diagnostics -> Tech Support Report | Gen6 = Investigate -> System Diagnostics | Gen5 = System -> Diagnostics, earlier models from the System -> Settings page)
  3. The www.mysonicwall.com account name you want it transferring to

Assuming everything is in order the registration transfer should take 24 - 48 hours.

*** October 2021

SonicWall have created a new support document which gives a (new) update to the process.

Process to transfer a product to your MySonicWall account | SonicWall