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Moving SonicWall SonicWave Wireless Access Points to Cloud Management

All current SonicWall SonicWave access points can be managed from the local firewall hardware, or now through SonicWall Wireless Cloud Management (WCM) portal. The portal is accessed via the and using existing user name and password.

When moving your existing SonicWave access points from firewall managed to cloud managed you need to make few changes. Make sure your firewall is on the latest firmware (we're currently using

On the firewall you need to change the WLAN zone so that the firewall knows to expect external management. You'll find this on the 'Wireless' tab of the WLAN zone (or whichever management zone you've used), at the bottom of the page you need to check the box showing 'Disable SonicPoint/SonicWave management'.

On the portal you will need to dissociate the SonicWave from the firewall. Go to Product Management -> My Products and find the relevant firewall product. Click on the 'info' icon and you should see a list of Associated Products. Click on the 'SonicWave' link and remove any access points associated.

At this point you may need to factory default the access point(s) and/or reboot them and hopefully they'll appear in your wireless cloud management portal where you can add/configure them into the relevant groups and SSID's.

Additional info - tips

We've successfully migrated access points remotely without the need to have anyone on-site. The above is still the required steps needed, but you can disassociate the AP's from the firewall in advance (it won't stop the AP's working), and if you leave the WLAN zone changes until the last minute you can get the firewall to reboot the AP's to factory default, and whilst they reboot you can amend the WLAN zone to disable wireless management. This removes the need to have some manually reboot or reset the AP's on site. You have to be reasonably quick so that the zone change happens before any of the APs complete the boot sequence as they may connect back to the firewall on layer 2.