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Capture Security Center Management and Reporting for NSa 2600 to 6650 and NSv 200 to 400 (1 Year)

Capture Security Center Management and Reporting for NSa 2600 to 6650 and NSv 200 to 400 (1 Year)


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Capture Security Center Management & Reporting

Capture Security Center is an open, scalable cloud security management software delivered as a cost-effective as-a-service offering for organizations of various sizes and use cases. It offers the ultimate in visibility, agility and capacity to govern the entire SonicWall security operations and services with greater clarity, precision and speed – all from a single pane of glass. This cloud- and service-oriented architecture unifies and connects SonicWall security services and management tools to help gain better operational efficiencies and elasticity, while supporting a broader cyber defense strategy.

The cloud-based services of CSC Management, Reporting, Analytics and CAS are available in below packaging options. The minimum use requirement is each managed firewall must have an active AGSS or CGSS subscription.

  • CSC Basic Management (Lite)
  • This version is best suited for Backup/ Restore of firewall system or preferences, and for firmware upgrade. Any firewall with AGSS or CGSS subscription can have this basic management functionality activated to help administer firewalls.

  • CSC Management
  • This paid subscription option activates full management capabilities including Workflow Automation and Zero-Touch Deployment features.

  • This license option is an ideal fit for larger institutions with many firewalls deployed in geographically dispersed locations that are under group-level or tenant-based management. These include mid-market organizations, distributed enterprises, public sector and educational organization with many districts and campuses, and managed service providers (MSPs).
    In addition to full management capabilities, this subscription option provides full reporting features to perform periodic or on-demand security and network performance reviews and audits. This can be done using the on-screen interactive universal dashboard with live charts and tables, or off-screen with scheduled exported reports.

  • CSC Analytics
  • This is a powerful add-on service to all Capture Security Center subscription options. Activating the service provides full access to the SonicWall Analytics and SonicWall Cloud App Security tools and services to conduct network forensic and threat hunting using comprehensive drill-down and pivoting capabilities.

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